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Osbourne Stripe Extra Large Rug 300x400cm

Osbourne Stripe Extra Large Rug 300x400cm

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Embrace Coastal Charm with our Extra Large Jute Rug Osbourne Stripe in 300x400cm

Craving a touch of seaside serenity for your expansive Aussie home? Look no further than the Extra Large Osbourne Stripe Jute Rug in a commanding 300x400cm size. This beautiful piece infuses your space with coastal flair, effortlessly combining the natural texture of jute with a refreshing whitewash stripe. The result? A breezy and inviting atmosphere that sets the perfect stage for relaxation.
Stripes with Timeless Appeal:
Classic Coastal Design: The Osbourne Stripe features a natural jute base adorned with a crisp whitewash stripe. This timeless design complements a variety of Aussie decors, adding a touch of nautical charm and understated elegance to your expansive living space.
Extra-Large Impact for Extra Style:
Effortlessly Anchor Expansive Spaces: The impressive 300x400cm size allows the Osbourne stripe to truly take centre stage. It effortlessly anchors expansive living areas, open-plan layouts, or grand dining rooms, adding a touch of coastal personality and a breezy ambience.
Perfect for Indoor & Outdoor Covered Areas:
Versatile Style for Various Settings: The Osbourne Stripe Jute Rug thrives in various settings.
Indoor: This rug adds a touch of coastal charm and complements both wooden and stone flooring beautifully, creating a light and airy foundation for your furniture arrangements.
Outdoor (Covered): Enjoy this large rug in covered outdoor areas like patios, extending your coastal aesthetic to your exterior space.

Rug Size:

  • Extra Large: 300cm x 400cm
  • Other Sizes are available here: Osbourne Stripe Rug all sizes
  • Free Delivery Australia-wide on this luxurious extra-large rug!

Sustainable Beauty & Handcrafted Quality:
Natural & Eco-Friendly: Jute, a natural and eco-friendly fibre, forms the foundation of this extra-large jute rug. It adds a relaxed layer of texture while promoting environmentally responsible living.
Durability Meets Comfort: The thick boucle weave provides exceptional durability for high-traffic areas in your Aussie home, making this rug a practical and stylish choice. Plus, the soft and plush texture offers a luxurious feel underfoot.
Embrace the Imperfect Charm: Each rug is meticulously crafted by hand, resulting in slight variations that make yours a one-of-a-kind piece with a touch of artisan charm.

Invest in a rug that celebrates nature, timeless style, and a touch of coastal flair. Order your Extra Large Osbourne Stripe Jute Rug today and create a serene haven in your expansive Australian home!

Check Our Jute Rug Care Instructions here.

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