Collection: Small Rugs

Small Jute Rugs for Your Home Décor

Don't underestimate the transformative power of a small rug! Zebra Home curated collection of small rugs proves that big style can come in compact packages. These versatile floor coverings offer a wealth of benefits, allowing you to add a touch of personality, define specific areas, and enhance the functionality of any room in your home.

A small space requires a smaller rug. Our rugs are perfect for kids bedrooms, office spaces, entryways, laundries and bathrooms. Shop these rugs in all of the Zebra Home colours and textures.

Small Rugs, Big Impact: A Multitude of Uses

While large rugs anchor a space, small rugs excel in creating visual interest and adding pops of colour or texture throughout your home. Here are just a few ways Zebra Home's small rugs can elevate your décor:

Entranceway Magic: A small, durable jute rug by the front door serves as the perfect welcome mat, trapping dirt and debris while adding a touch of natural beauty.
Bathroom Bliss: Step out of the shower onto the luxurious comfort of a plush, water-resistant wool rug. Small bathroom rugs not only add a touch of spa-like luxury but also help prevent slips and falls.
Laundry Room Spruce-Up: A small, colourful rug in your laundry room adds a cheerful touch to a space that often feels utilitarian. Jute rugs are a great choice here, as they can handle moisture and are easy to clean.
Warming Up Workspaces: Combat cold floors in your home office with a small wool rug. The added warmth and softness underfoot will make those long workdays a bit more comfortable.
Defining Play Areas: A brightly coloured, patterned rug instantly transforms a part of your living room or bedroom into a dedicated play area for children.
Underfoot Accents: Place a small rug beneath a side table, armchair, or accent piece to create a visually defined vignette within a larger room.

Beyond Functionality: A World of Style Options

Zebra Home's small rug collection boasts a stunning array of designs, colours, and textures to suit any décor style.

Natural Beauty: Jute rugs, a Zebra Home signature, offer a timeless and earthy aesthetic. These natural fibre rugs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them the perfect choice for adding warmth and texture to any space.
Bold and Beautiful: For those who love a splash of colour, Zebra Home offers a selection of small rugs in vibrant hues and playful patterns. These statement pieces can add personality to an entranceway, bathroom, or child's play area.
Textured Delights: Explore the world of textured small rugs, featuring intricate weaves and patterns that add visual interest and dimension to your décor. Textured rugs are a great way to complement minimalist spaces or add depth to a room with bold patterns elsewhere.
Woollen Wonders: Indulge in the luxurious comfort of a small wool rug. These plush floor coverings add a touch of sophistication to any space, while their natural insulating properties provide year-round comfort, especially underfoot in bedrooms or home offices.

Choosing the Perfect Small Rug: Size Matters

While small rugs offer endless design possibilities, selecting the right size is crucial. Here are a few tips to ensure your small rug complements your space:

  • Entranceway: A small rectangular rug is ideal for capturing dirt and debris without overwhelming a smaller entranceway.
  • Bathroom: A small, round rug is perfect for positioning in front of the sink or bathtub.
  • Laundry Room: A narrow runner rug adds a touch of personality and helps define the space.
  • Under Furniture: The size of the rug should be proportional to the piece of furniture it sits beneath. 

With Zebra Home's comprehensive collection of small rugs, you're sure to find the perfect piece to add a touch of style and functionality to any room in your home. Explore the collection today and discover the power of small rugs to transform your décor!