How to Style a Rug in Your Living Room

How to Style a Rug in Your Living Room

Choosing the correct-sized rug for your living room can be difficult.

The most common mistake made is skimping on the size of the rug. The saying 'bigger is better' is especially pertinent in your living room.

Think about creating zones in your living space especially if it is open plan.

Choosing a larger rug will draw the eye out to create a bigger-looking room as well as create a sense of proportion and luxe.

Ideally, the furniture should sit fully on the rug, as seen in the diagram below. This will protect your flooring and minimise tripping hazards and also add texture and warmth to your living room. The furniture should feel anchored in the space by the rug instead of floating around the rug

Styling a Rug in Your Living Room

Ultimately, styling your rug this way can provide a sense of grandeur and completeness in a large or open room. Make sure to leave some room between the wall and your rug on all sides to provide contrast between the rug and your flooring.

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