How to Style a Rug in Your Bedroom

How to Style a Rug in Your Bedroom

Sizing and placement are incredibly important when it comes to rugs. A rug that is too small may make a room look smaller and make the surrounding furniture look disproportionately large. With sizing and placement of rugs in a bedroom specifically, bigger is always better.

A larger rug has the general effect of automatically drawing the eye out to the rug's edges, creating a sense that your room is larger. This is in addition to adding texture and warmth to the room and decor.

Conversely, if you have a small-sized bedroom, you may not want your flooring "wall to wall" with the rug. In this case, choose a rug that covers your floor with about a 30cm border around the room.

For double, queen and king beds, we suggest a large enough rug to provide at least 50cm on either side, as well as 50cm at the foot of the bed (as seen below). Your rug should also stop short at the bedside.

When using your Zebra Home Rugs, as a rough estimate we usually recommend:

Double Bed: Use Small Rug (160 x 230)

Queen Bed: Use Medium Rug (180 x 270)

King Bed: Use Large Rug (240 x 300)


Styling a Rug in Your Bedroom

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